Sunday, December 6, 2009

Top Blu ray players with Profile 2.0 compatible

It’s roughly been about 3 years since the launch of the Blu ray format as the contender format to replace the DVD. At the beginning, there was no definitive set of standard for the Blu ray players. Some were Profile 1.0 players while others were Profile 1.1. Some had the audio decoding options other lacked. Even with the disarray, Blu ray managed to beat out HDDVD to become the standard format for the HD movie market. This led to some market confusion and made PlayStation 3 as one of the Top Blu Ray Players on the market due to its upgradability. Sony would always provide firmware updates to address the compatibility issues with the Blu ray playback functions on the PlayStation 3. On the other hand, most standalone Blu ray players had different specifications from player to player even with Blu ray Disc Association releasing an official specification for Profile 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0 players.

Today, almost all the Blu ray players are Profile 2.0 compatible. The core specifications are almost identical across different manufacturers. Even the audio decoding options are nearly identical to each other. You will have hard time finding a player that is not capable of decoding high definition audio format. With all the similarities, it is harder to pick out a Blu ray player that’s right for you. Even so, there are some differences in features that separate each player from one another. You can read about the features and reviews at to compare and decide which Blu ray players are right for you. You can check the features and specification as well as prices on the various Blu ray players you are looking to purchase. You should first consider the overall performance of the player followed the extra features such as internet streaming services.

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