Saturday, December 12, 2009



With advancement in technology and science electronics have been getting smaller and smaller, which enables researchers and scientist to weave the electronics and interconnections into the fabrics. In this project, the main idea is monitoring vital body signs by placing the electronics device into a garment in a compact way. Among many vital body signs, posture, respiration rate and body activities like walking running have been monitored. The measurements have been performed with a MEMS based technology. The electronic components have been placed in to the fabric to form the ARF-shirt to monitor body signs and collect data from various subjects with ARF-Shirt system have been transmitted by RF transmission and monitored in real-time.
The MEMS based sensor is interfaced to PIC micro controller MCU and the sensor data is stored in the MCU. The MCU has all RF protocol and drive commands to communicate the data to remote receiver. Transmitter is powered by small battery. The system is the latest development in RF and electronics system which utilize SMD and MEMS miniature technology. The transmitter has PIC based 16 F 690 MCU and 2.4 GHz low power DSSS (Direct Sequence spread spectrum) RF system. Using the system person’s body activity can be monitored in real time.
The reader also has Same RF receiver with 2.4 GHz protocol and PIC MCU. The MCU is connected to a PC through RS 232 level converter. The read information is feed in to the PC and processed using software. The reader can communicate 500 transmitters at a time.

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