Saturday, December 12, 2009


The area of physical quantity processing in recent sensoric applications demands for high accuracy, low distortion, fast response and low power consumption. The pressure processing is one of the most important issues for designers. There exist many problems, which have to be solved i.e. how to measure relative and absolute pressure, how to process signal from sensor with low amplitude, how to withdraw noise and Parasitic and so on.
The project deals with a custom based integrated measurement unit (IMU), which serves as processing device for MEMS based pressure measurement. The IMU consists of the three elementar stages, measurement stage, processing stage and communication stage. For the pressure measurement.
Proposed system:
There also exists one method, which is relatively new. In this method we use MEMS sensor for pressure measurement. The MEMS sensor is interfaced with the 8051 microcontroller via ADC. The value of the MEMS is converted and is transmitted to a PC via UART protocol. We use VB as a GUI to see the pressure values.

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