Saturday, December 12, 2009

Navigation of Mobile Robot Using Global Positioning System (GPS) and Obstacle Avoidance System with Commanded Loop Daisy Chaining Application Method

Mobile robot has been a major role to the application in military, industrial and agricultural purposes. Mobile robot should navigate through desire route and avoid the obstacle within the path. Many researcher come with the solution by using the various type of control and instrumentation system. The complexity of mobile robot system can make the system cost intensive and high risk. Proposed is a mobile robot equipped with GPS navigation system and obstacle avoidance system with low cost mobile structure, GPS module and IR sensor. The combination GPS and IR will determine the position and obstacle avoidance for the mobile robot. Mobile robot should navigate according to waypoint that preset to the GPS module and IR sensor detects the obstacle during mobile robot navigation by triggering the sonar sensor in sequence by using a preprogrammed command application method. Mobile Robot can navigate through desired waypoint and at the same time apply the obstacle avoidance rules.
Proposed System:
This project used low cost equipment and instrumentation. A robotic platform along with an 8051 MCU, GPS navigation and obstacle avoidance IR sensors are being used. The GPS receiver used is a UART interfacial module. TSOP1738 IR Sensor is being used for obstacle avoidance. The 8051 MCU is a CISC architecture based controller with 128 Bytes on-chip RAM, 4K on-chip Flash. This robot is suitable on semi-rugged terrain such a football field and outdoor application. The system was designed as a prototype for small vehicle and it can be implemented to larger vehicle for various type of application.

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