Saturday, December 12, 2009

Using the CAN Protocol and Reconfigurable Computing Technology for Web-Based Smart House Automation


This paper presents the hardware implementation of a multiplatform control system for house automation using ARM processor. Such a system belongs to a domain usually named domotics or smart house systems. The approach combines hardware and software technologies. The system is controlled through the Internet and the home devices being connected use the CAN control protocol. Users can remotely control their houses using a web browser (Client). Locally, instructions received from the Client are translated by the Server, which distributes the commands to the domestic appliances.

The implemented system has the following characteristics, which distinguish it from existing approaches:

(i) The client interface is automatically updated;
(ii) A standard communication protocol (CAN) is used in the hardware implementation, providing reliability and error control;
(iii) New appliances are easily inserted in the system;
(iv) System security is provided by user authentication

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