Saturday, December 12, 2009


Now a day there is a lot of burglary happening across the city, the reason behind that is police can’t make out the exact location of burglary for example if burglary is happening inside any area in the city, police will get information after the incident had happened, and then they can’t find out the way the thieves had went. Now so many alarm system and security systems are emerging in our markets using high-tech techniques, but in our design we are implementing a home automation and security systems using GSM,GSM is one of the latest mobile technology using smart MODEM which can easily interfaced to embedded microcontrollers. Now everything is going to be automated using this technology, using this technology we can access the devices remotely. Using GSM and GPS now we can identify the people, vehicles etc in any where of the world.

In this project there will be sensors inside the home, if any body comes forcibly to home the sensors output will give information to the system that somebody had came, then it will send the SMS to the owners mobile or make a call to police

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