Saturday, December 12, 2009

Visual Servo Control of a Three Degree of Freedom Robotic Arm System

The Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS) is found to be very useful for close enemy engagement or long term surveillance activities; such as MOUT or border surveillance application, etc. Currently, many researches have been focused on improving the intelligence capability such as automatic targeting to partially alleviate the human burden. Not much redesign has been seen for the turret. The concepts of integrate machine vision and motion control are widely used for military and industry application, and categorized as visual servo control.
Proposed System:
This system uses CCTV camera for watching the desired location, it has five motors, one for moving the Robot, second one for changing the direction, others for freely rotating the robotic arm. The motors are able to run with the help of Driver circuitry, the CCTV camera monitors the location and the data is sent to the control station. The data’s can be seen with the help of video display unit or monitor. According to the image from the CCTV we can control the position of the arms.

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