Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Preventing Unwanted Calls/SMS to phone using NDC

The site http://ndncregistry stry/index. jsp

or simply: http://ndncregistry

is run by Government of India Agencies. Visit it and follow instructions to register your Phone Number (LandLine / Mobile) to this Registry.

Within 45 days of registering, you should see a significant drop in unwanted sms/call. If you continue to receive such communication, note time & number from where you receive this and lodge a complaint with your operator.

How to File a Complaint: ( http://ndncregistry stry/aboutFileCo mplaint.jsp )

The subscriber should insist for the complaint No. which should be kept for further reference.

Hope this helps!

[Note: Even LANDLINES can be registered for NOT receiving marketing calls]

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