Saturday, December 12, 2009

Study on ARM Processor Based Embedded Intelligent Yield System Controller

The yield and its distribution are a key to the adjustment of crop planting and appraising, so, obtain the yield data and the difference between the spatial distributions is crucial to the implementation of digital agriculture. Much research has been down on yield distribution information detection technology in developed countries, and the yield detection system developed by Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences had proved to be feasible in experiments, but not applied generally yet because of the expensive on-board computer, which was used as central controller. With the development of embedded technology and electronics science, the usage of high-powered embedded processors in intelligent control is becoming more practical and implementable.

Proposed System:
In this thesis, the circuit board based on ARM7 kernel was used to develop the intelligent yield controller, which has the character of stable capability, low price, etc, and is suitable to be used on combine. One serial port together with CAN bus was also used to detect the moisture sensors. The corresponding drivers were developed to insure the compatibility of peripheral equipment with the LPC 2XXX processor.

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