Saturday, December 12, 2009


Single malt is so-called because the malt comes from a
single distillery. It is a whisky refined by a single distillery, using malted barley as the
only grain ingredient.
Each distillery has its own distinct taste, flavour and style and single malts bear that.
Some world-renowned single malts are Glenfiddich, Glenmorangie, Glenlivet,
Glenkinchie and if you move into the rare varieties, PortEllen, Dalmore , Glenfarclas,
IsleofJura, Knocdhu, Lagavulin, Laphroig, Macallan, Oban,Taliskar, Cragganmore.
Enjoying a single malt is a connoissseur’s job and you have to learn to be one.
A single grain, as distinct from a single malt, is a grain whisky made at one distillery,
while the single malt is made with barley.

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