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Ananda Balaga, Bangalore. Is a community of people from the District of Dakshina Kannada

The concept of uniting like minded people from the District of Dakshina Kannada was conceived by the founding fathers in the year 1988 with an idea of impressing their presence in the city of Bangalore, by way of undertaking objects of charitable nature for the general public, irrespective caste, creed or community.

In order to bring an order to the perception and with an intention of long standing objects in mind, Ananda Balaga as an association was registered before the Registrar of Societies, Bangalore, vide S.No 277/91-92 w.e.f. 3rd July 1991. Balaga has also obtained recognition under Section 12 A of Income Tax Act 1961 from Commissioner Of Income Taxes, Bangalore, as Public Charitable institution, whereby the income is exempted from taxes. Balaga has also obtained exemption for Donors under section 80G of Income Tax Act.

Ananda Balaga is a socio-cultural organisation engaged in bringing the people closer, encouraging their talents and helping them in their endeavour towards sustaining their cultural and spiritual values. The Association has been in the lime light since then with the several useful programs of interest to its members. The membership of Balaga was well sought after and today the total effective membership is well over 1500 mark. The benefit of the activities of Balaga is extended to the members and their families and as such, the total beneficiaries as on today are estimated around 5000.

The Executive Committee consisting of fifteen members from different categories duly elected by the general body once in two years manages Ananda Balaga. In addition, five members are co opted to the Executive Committee, in all, making it to twenty. The Executive committee shall have one President, two Vice Presidents, One Secretary and one Treasurer from the elected members who shall manage the affairs of the Balaga. and report to the general body every year.

ANANDA BALAGA is publishing a quarterly news bulletin in Kannada by name ‘BRUGHUVANI’ since past twenty years. The news magazine is registered before the Registrar of News Papers of India, New Delhi, vide No 985489/93 and MAG(2) PRB DECL-255/256/94-95 and published at the end of each quarters i.e. March, June, September and December each year.

Objectives of Anandabalaga

I. The registered objects of Ananda Balaga as registered during July 1991 were broadly as follows:

To promote, organise, support and encourage human welfare activities of all kinds including economic, social, cultural and spiritual in the belief that utmost good from any welfare activity is the result of a true and informed faith in spiritual values.
To bring together persons with common cultural, social spiritual and linguistic interests with a view to enrich quality of life.
To promote, organise, support, encourage wholesome respect for scriptures, spiritual practices, sound cultural traditions in the belief that they are an integrating force and are essential for the development of a strong, peaceful and just society.
To promote encourage, support and assist study of all classical languages, classical literatures and scriptures.
To promote, organise, support, assist, encourage gainful employment, enterprise, professional practice more particularly to benefit the economically less fortunate, the poor, and the handicapped, the deserving and the disadvantageously placed members of society in India.
To promote, support, assist, finance education in all aspects including establishment of institutions of education, hostel facilities for vocational education, financial or other assistance to students, training and apprenticeship in physical arts and more particularly for the disadvantageously placed and the poorer section of the society including education in all fields of traditional systems; and provision of or organisation of hostel facilities.
To promote, organise, support constructive program of action to correct, remove or neutralise economic social, cultural deficiencies or hardship in society including rehabilitation of widows, unmarried dependent girls, support or organise forum for matrimonial assistance in acceptable forms, provide assistance for veterans’ needs, provide community halls and medical facilities.
To organise, promote, encourage relief activities to benefit particularly those affected by natural or personal calamities, social upheavals, developmental/administrative decisions of the Government, incurable & curable diseases.
To promote associations, trusts, service societies or other types of organisations more specially to carry out any of the activities or objects of the Balaga and which are recognised by the Commissioner of Income Tax for recognitions under section 80 (G).
To collect donations, membership fees subscriptions or raise funds in any acceptable manner or form, for the objects of the Balaga.
The objects specified above are general in nature cover most of the human development activities. Balaga has over the years in its endeavor to implement the objects, taken up the following activities and implemented them to the best of its abilities. The objects pursued by the Balaga specifically over the last 20 years were as follows:

Organizing, promoting, and encouraging all forms arts viz., dance, music, painting and drama, arranging programs for understanding of sound cultural and spiritual values and traditions with a view to bring together persons with common cultural, social, spiritual and linguistic interests, to enrich their quality of life.
Organizing awareness lecturers on subjects like medicine, law, building science, computers and other topics of common interest to the members and public with a view to prepare them to face harsh realities of life.
c)Setting up of an ‘Educational Assistance Program’ to financially assist poor students willing to take up degree and vocational studies.
Undertaking programs for women, such as imparting knowledge on health food preparations and cookery demonstrations, conducting weekly music classes, cultural and harmony promotion by way of arranging educational tours of historical places and setting up of a bureau for matrimonial assistance.
Organizing personality development programs, quiz competitions and sports events.
Propagating, organizing, arranging exhibitions for the products and services offered by the members with a view to assist and encourage creative activities, promote the concept of mutual economic cooperation in addition to introduction of resourceful entrepreneur to potential clients/consumers.
Balaga organized collection of donations from its members and contributed relief materials to the victims of Gujarath earth quake.
Publication of quarterly magazine by name ‘Brughuvani’ for the benefit of members. For details see Caption under “Publications”.

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