Thursday, November 26, 2009

A humble prayer.

Dear Proud Fellow Indian Citizens,

At the stroke of 8.36 pm this evening
Let us remember the martyrs of 26/11 and the Mumbai carnage
The sacrifices and the indomitable courage displayed
Pugnacious and bravery, purposeful beyond self

Country in shock and grief
Gathering itself from the senseless morass around
Heart aches with memories of agony and pain
Yet swells with pride , the martyrs equanimity

I write these few lines with tears in my eyes
for we need to exhibit and echo the might of unity
Let us all in unison pray for the departed souls
We are a strong nation, and will achieve our Goals

My personal request to one and all is to offer a solemn prayer and silent Salute, before your evening tipple, where ever that you are.


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