Saturday, November 21, 2009

In the age of electronic scoreboards, Kanpur's Green Park stadium has manually operated scoreboard

In the age of electronic scoreboards, Kanpur's Green Park stadium, venue for the second Test between India and Sri Lanka on November 24, is the only stadium in the country to have a manually operated scoreboard and still holding to its own.


The scoreboard was set up in 1957, and it was used for the first time in the same year when India played against West Indies.

It is functioning as efficiently as the electronic ones and displays all the relevant data of a cricket match.

"This scoreboard enables the viewers to see all the things, including the overs that have been bowled, wickets taken, runs made. Also, there are light indicators for the batsman on the crease and the bowler in action. Everything from the boundaries hit to a six to even the umpires judging the match are mentioned on the board with a light indicators," said Harvinder Singh, coordinator of the scoreboard.

This unique scoreboard works with 165 pulleys, while a team of 35 people works together to operate it


  1. The scoreboard was created by my grandfather, Mr. S.M. Bashir.

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