Monday, November 23, 2009

Popular dishes of Udupi cuisines

Sajjige and bajil (upma made from coarse semolina and seasoned beaten rice)
Uddinahittu (urad flour mixed in curd and seasoned)
Kosambari (salads of black gram or bengal gram lentils, seasoned)
Different types of spicy rices, such as chitranna or Bisi bele bath
Dosa, masala dosa, neer dosa
Sweet dishes like maddi, kaai holige, undae (laddu)
Puddings or parammanna or payasa or kheer
Mangalore bajji or golibaje
Kashi halva from musk pumpkin, jackfruit, banana, and bottle gourd
Pelakai gatti/gidde (jackfruit dumpling)
Pelakai appa (fried dumplings made from jackfruit)
Pelakai halwa (jackfruit halwa)
Gashi or Ghasi (thick gravy like dish made by use of peas or pulses with coconut)
Patrode (colacasia leaves dipped in batter and steamed cooked)
Menaskai (especially made of Amtekai or ambade)

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