Thursday, November 5, 2009

Shri Somanatheswara Temple, Agrahara, Subrahmanya

(Panchamithirtha) Along the road that leads to Kumaradhara, about a kilometer and a half from the Temple a path leads us to Panchamithirtha . This is a sacred spot in the Kumaradhara. On the 15th day of Margasira his Holiness Sri Varahathirtha of Subrahmanya Mutt passed away and was entombed by the side of this river. So it is a custom for the swamiji of the Subramanya mutt to take bath in the river on the day and worship the vrindavana (tomb) of that swamiji. It is but natural that the devotees follow the example and bathe here on the 5th day (Panchami). This perhaps is the reason why this river is called Panchami Thirtha. This is a very famous place of the past. A Somanatha Temple and Brahmin settlement existed here. Now, we can see the Temple of Somanatha and the place where swamiji of Subrahmanya Mutt was entombed (Vrindavana) can be found here. There are in all about thirty tombs. The presence of both Kumaradhara and Somanatha Temple add to the beauty of this place. It is learnt that the Subrahmanya Mutt was originally situated in injadi to the east of Subrahmanya Temple. This being so, the reasons unknown it was shifted to its present place to the south-east of the Subrahmanya Temple. This being so, the historical correctness of the belief that thirty tombs found near the Somanatha Temple (and these are far away from the present) are the tombs of the swamiji of Subrahmanya Mutt of the Madhwa system deserves further investigation.

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