Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chinese Ignores the iPhone!!!!

Elsewhere in the world, while people might flock whenever a new version of the Jesus phone is released, the Chinese seems to have largely ignored the device.

Following the much-discussed launch of the iPhone on China's second largest mobile network, China Unicom, last week, only 5000 have been sold. This, in the country boasting of the world's largest mobile subscriber base, is nothing short of an embarrassment for Apple who has always known to cite the sales of the iPhones in millions right from the first week of its release in other parts of the world.

While questions are being raised as to why the iPhone has failed to make any impact in the Chinese market, many observers have made it clear that the reasons behind this range from the prohibitive pricing of the device to the crippling of various features on the device might have forced users to ignore the device for better equipped me-too products. This is apart from the grey market scene, which thrives in China and is being termed a culprit by consultant iSuppli. China is also known for pretty well disguised iPhone closes that actually boasts of more features than what the much more expensive iPhone can boast of.

Nevertheless, it has been largely a similar trend in India as well. In both markets, consumers are more price conscious and Apple's over the top pricing of the iPhone ensures lesser uptake of iPhones.

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