Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Have you ever realize it

Have you ever...

...Felt sad that your dream wasn't real?

...Coughed in front of a smoker to make him feel guilty?

...Tried to finish a dream by going back to sleep?

...Charged your phone for 5 minutes because you thought it would make a difference?

...Found money in your pocket you never thought you had?

...Planned with your friends before you actually ask for your parents’ permission?

...Tried to balance a light switch?

...Sent a risky text and felt like eternity while waiting for the reply?

...Made crazy scenarios in your head that won't actually ever happen?

...Carefully close the Refrigerator door to watch its light go off?

...Felt a moment of joy when you saw your crush smile at you?

That’s Life!

Every Moment is Special.
we realize it later..:)

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