Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary, Shimoga

This one of the few bird sanctuaries in the Malenaadu region of the Karnataka. The island formed in the middle of the River Tunga provides the necessary shelter and food for the birds.

Though this Mandagadde in Shettihalli wildlife sanctuary is not considered biggest of the bird sanctuaries it is a habitat for a variety of birds. In the season which is from June to October one can find many Egrets, Snake birds etc.

As there are no big hotels present in the Mandagadde tentage should be carried if one is planning a overnight stay. Huge sand covered river side which is at a little distance away from the sanctuary may be used. In any case guidance from the local people/forest department is a must. Mandagadde has quite a number of small hotels, and no lodges.

En route Mandagadde you will see the Dam site at Gajanur and the elephant training camp at Sakrebyle. Early morning visits to Sakrebyle are the best.

Other places of interest nearby are : Sakrebyle Elephant training camp, Gajanur.
The Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary is situated in the Malenaadu region under the Shimoga district, towards Theerthahalli in Karnataka. The Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary has a spectacular collection of migratory birds. The Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary of Karnataka is well connected with other parts of Karnataka by regular state bus service. The Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary is a small and well maintained sanctuary of the Karnataka state.

The Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary of Karnataka is the natural habitat of varied species of local as well as migratory birds. The Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary is covered by a dense forest with river Tunga flowing through it. There is a beautiful island where three types of migratory birds namely median egret, darter and the cormorant nests. These avian species club around the branches of the trees which gives a spectacular sight from far.

The migratory birds come to the Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary in Karnataka mainly in the month of August. If you stroll around the place or trek you will be amazed by the chirping or cacophony of sounds by more than 5000 birds in the Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary.

With the first ray of sunlight in the dawn, the echoing sound of the birds of the Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary in Karnataka fills the air.

You can spot the different species of birds by standing on the watch tower of the Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary at Karnataka. But it is advisable to seek local help or get the guidance from the forest department to identify the bird species and explore the sanctuary. There is a dam close to the Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary at Karnataka at Gajanur where you can pay your visit during your trip to the sanctuary.

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