Wednesday, October 21, 2009

For what extend subways are safe in Bangalore??

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The Infrastructure in Bangalore is improvig day by day. Its good sign...Bengaluru is shining!!!!! but these improvements having both good and bad effects. Then we need to think Is these improvements realy needed? For this question people have so many answers. Every time people use to talk as straight as theire nose.

I am a Student. I am studying BE in UVCE near KR Circle. Near my collage 3 subways are recently implemented. All 3 are well structured and these subways are helps lot to people.
Students of UVCE are also use these subways to reach the collage. Even girls also used these subways... Why i am stretching Girls is, These subways are become very threatening for alone girls!!!!!!!!!!

My classmate, when she was coming alone through subway, some unknown guy came and he invites her to sex!!!!!! At that time there is no one to help her in the subway, Like this these subways are entertains the sadists. There is no protection for girls in these subways. Now the question arrives For what extend subways are safe in Bangalore??

Take care Bengaluru.....

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