Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sony TV Model Number Explained

Here is a typical Sony LCD model number KDL46V2000U
This number can be split up into 5 different parts - KDL - 46 - V - 2000 - U
The first part tells you about the TV's tuner.
1. KLV- means an Analogue tuner.
2. KDL- means that the TV is equipped with a digital one and can pick up Digital Terrestrial broadcasts
46 :-This is the size of the screen in inches.
2000 :- This is the color of the TV's casing and does not change the technical spec of the TV.
2000 - Grey 2010 - Dark Grey 2020 - Silver
U :- The "U" suffix means "United Kingdom". Continental Europe has the "E" suffix.


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