Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cave Temple - Sri KESHAVANATHESHVARA Moodgal, KERADI Post Kradi Village , Kundapur Tq

“ Cave Temple”
It is very surprising to know that the NATURE has hidden many mysteries in it. There are many waterfalls, hillocks, beautifully carved natural stones and caves in the western ghat range. They are too beyond our imagination. One such CAVE gifted by the nature exists at the foothills of Western Ghats. The cave has Lord Rudra as deity in it.

Recently a friend of mine had told me about this cave and the age old Temple. One fine day morning I had been to this place. It was very interesting and tedious journey from my place to this “GUHANTHARA TEMPLE” (cave Temple). I was surprised to see the panoramic view of the western range from there. Lord Keshavanaatheshvara has his presence there in the form of “LINGA”.
That holy place is Sri Keshava Naatheshvara Temple Moodgallu.

Surrounded by green forest and deep valley with scattered but thin population, the place is yet catch the glimpse of general public. It is very sad to see that even today the people around this area do not have electricity and good road for transportation. Despite of many lack ness, Lord shiva at this place gives mental peace and the best health to the devotee who comes to him with prayers. It is believed that the prayers before Lord Shiva will be met positively. The beginning of this temple is not well known. But it is understood that it must be few centuries old.

The specialty of this cave temple is that the devotees are to stand in knee level water and to offer prayer. You will be astonished to see FISHES swimming and dancing near the feet as if they are conveying the message of GOD that you will kept happy and made free from all worries once you offer prayer here. The Shiva LINGA is placed on a platform with sufficient space for ARCHAK to perform pooja. That is at a distance of approximately 75 feet from the entrance. No illumination except the light lit for GOD. The water from the cave flows throughout the year.

In the evening the golden rays from the dipping sun falls on the SHIVA LINGA and gives an immense pleasure to the believers. This looks as if Lord Ravi is offering prayers before bidding farewell from his duty for the day.

From the western edge of the hillock, one can enjoy the beauty of sun set view. Late in the evening, it is very pleasant to watch the caravan of vehicles on NH 17 at MARAVATHE beach. The place has not got the publicity which it should have got long back.

There are are two ways to reach Moodgal temple.

One ---- Kundapur- Kollur State Highway, After Vandse – Chittooru, take right turn towards Sri Kshetra MARANAKATTE, proceed to KERAADI village. After keradi the journey is very tedious and adventures. Last 2 kms journey will be of steep hill and forest. It is possible to travel by Motar cycle by this way.

Other way is from – Siddapura – Kamalashile – hallihole – Chakra maidana. Then climb up the hill top to reach the Moodgal Temple. Here one can travel by Jeep, Car or by Two wheelers. It is around 18 KMS from Siddapur.

The Address : Sri Keshavanatheshvara Temple- Moodgal, KERADI Post Kradi Village , Kundapur Tq
For more details Contact: Sri Raghavendra Kunjathaya (Archaka)
Mob No. . 98804 62076
CDMA No. 96324 75220


  1. Hey buddy....
    Nice article...It is well composed....

    I had been many times to this fact our nanis family used to stay der & one of my uncle used to perform the puja....
    thanks for helping me to recollect those golden days when we used to have furits like mangoes & cashew apple....
    The fishes in the pond were very lovely & the lord shiva is awesome...In front of which is the Temple for Veerabadhra, Mata Shakti & Tiger...
    Thanks once again...

  2. this is wonder ful temple pls try to see it in once in life

  3. on 24th december 2011 amavasse ide yellaru aagamisa bekagi tammalli vinanti